Some keyboard symbols

Coolest keyboard shortcuts

1.Windows key  +   D key  -- go to home.

2.Windows key  +  (+ key)  or (- key) -- zooming  page.

3.Windows key  +  prt sc key -- screenshot in windows.

4.Windows key  +  E key -- open the drive window.

5.Windows key  +  M key -- minimize all windows.

6.Windows key  + shift key  +  M key  -- maximize a minimize  window.

7.Ctrl key  +  shift key  +  T key  -- open the last closed tab in browser.

8.Alt key  +  tab key  -- switch to any running program.

9.Alt key  +  f4 key  --  close a window.

How to use mobile as like mouse.

Get access to a computer using your mobile.


Download server file on your PC from the link given below.
Download apk file on your mobile from the link given below.

Requirements for PC-

1. JAVA JE - JRE (32 bit/64 bit platform)
3.RAM-2 GB(minimum)


1.Download the server file to your PC.
2.Turn on Bluetooth on your PC.
3.Extract Downloaded file and lunch remote PC server JAR.
4.Run the application on your mobile.
5.Choose Bluetooth connection-> Select the computer from paired device for connection.
6.Now you can use your mobile as a mouse.

Format any samsung android phone.

Format samsung android device if you forgotten your password.
step 1.
To format your phone press volume button,power button & home button at same it for 15 to 20 sec
step 2.
A screen will appear, then you have to choose wipe data/factory reset by useing volume
button (for up & down) & power button (choose).
step 3.
Then you choose yes -- delete all user data. wait for main menu.
step 4.
Then choose reboot system now

now you all done.

NOTE- I am not responsible for any problem,for doing this you have to know that
this is a process that clear all your data and information.